Voyager Software

Voyager Software products are in use by thousands of users in a variety of different-sized recruitment businesses. With headquarters in the UK, and offices in Australia, Voyager customers cover over 20 different countries. Voyager Software is both a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Sage Business Partner.


Voyager Software products are designed by recruiters for recruiters. The product line simplifies the day-to-day running of recruitment businesses through the automation of mundane tasks and the elimination of unnecessary work through easy-to-use screens and workflow. Underlying Voyager’s software suite is the first-hand knowledge of the complexities of running a recruitment business.

For easy deployment, Voyager products are integrated with a modular architecture arranged along familiar functional boundaries – those that address the front office, and those that add power and automation to the middle and back-office. Voyager further ensures that each deployment is tailored to the specific recruitment needs of each organization.

“It’s important to realise,” explains Voyager’s Managing Director, Simon Warburton, “that no two recruitment businesses are the same.  That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand fully their requirements so that we can tailor the right solution to meet their specific needs. It’s this client intimacy that sets us apart from the competition and explains why our customers remain brand loyal.”

For searching candidate information within its recruitment software, Voyager chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.  “We chose the dtSearch Engine for its speed, reliability, and well-written SDK,” continues Simon Warburton. “We researched many independent reviews from both users and developers and dtSearch was a clear winner. We’ve seamlessly integrated dtSearch’s market-leading text search engine into our products which is especially important for fast, accurate CV and document searching.”

For more information on Voyager Software products and services, please visit, call (44) 0800-008-6262, or email  For Australian and Asian inquiries, please see


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